Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas :-)
After the system was re-pressurized( 175 psi !), the brad nailer worked AWESOME! :) :)
Before this I found some leaks (big surprise, the Harbor Freight stuff ). When I emptied the tank the first time I let the air a little too quick, it became an ice making machine :)The HF auto drain tee nut cracked?, and the regulator gauge leaked no matter how tight I cranked it. I eventually fixed all but one by using pipe dope instead of Teflon tapeFifty something joints sweated at this point ....Play-it-Again Sports had hockey pucks for $1.19 each. They make nice isolators to quite the compressor. AND BOY DOES IT NEED IT :(Centered to within 5 thousands (just for the hell of it :)Plumbed and wired...Auto drain feed "spliced" into the "receiver unloader line", which is just the pressure feedback loop to the regulator which cycles the compressor.(I think)The auto drain has a diaphragm that opens and closes each time the compressor cycles. It is controlled by the same pressure line that controls the tank pressure.
completeOriginal manual drainAdding an auto drain to the compressor. This way I don't need to lay on the floor and manually drain the tank every time I use it .I had to actually remove the compressor to get it under the garage door.

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